Social Accountability

At  Dish Wish we  believe in honesty and transparency to our consumers as well as to our business partners.

We are committed to deliver sustainable, high quality and safe to use products,

so our customers can enjoy them over time.

Our suppliers

Over the years we have built fruitful and trusting relationship with our suppliers in India, guaranteeing mutually productive work process. We work closely with the factories to make sure our products meet our consumer’s standards as well as fair and safe production process.

Our suppliers obtain Oeko-Tex® standard for textile manufacturing processes which guarantees the use of materials that are non-toxic to the environment and the user, as well as SA8000 standard that guarantees the employment of workers under fair terms and a safe working environment while assuring their wellbeing.



Giving back to the community

We feel obligated, privileged, and proud to be able to contribute to our local communities in every way we can. We hope that over the years we were able to benefit those around us. You would be surprised to hear of how Dish Wish  products help in those in need:

Workers of a catering factory for the needy in Tel-Aviv enjoy our gloves. Children suffering from brain damage are using our drying mats in rehabilitation activities at Asaf Ha-Rofe hospital. However, our most satisfied customers are the cats from Animal Welfare Association in Tel-Aviv who are enjoying Dish Wish drying mats as soft and warm resting spaces during wintertime.