Shipping policy

(only in Israel at the moment- for out of Israel, look for us at Amazon)

Shipping by registered mail – according to Israel Postal Office tariffs. Registered mail shipping times – usually 3-10 business days, dependent on the service supplied by Israel Postal Office.

Home delivery – the shipment will be delivered to your home by a courier within 72 hours after shipping. The shipment will be coordinated by phone by the courier company.

Information security, payments, and privacy

All credit cards are acceptable. Payment can be made by one of the following options:

Payment in NIS with all Visa and Mastercard credit cards, powered by PayPal system. The card should be international, and bear a 14-16 digit number. It is not possible to pay with local non-international cards.

Payment is made via PayPal account.

It is possible, subject to advance coordination, to make a bank transfer or any other payment, as convenient to the buyer.

The store is obligated to not make any use of customer details recorded on the site, except for site operation purposes only, and for allowing the purchase to be conducted. We are using customary cautions in order to preserve information confidentiality as much as possible.

In cases not under our control and/or ensuing form force majeure, the site will not be held responsible for damage of any kind, direct or indirect, that will be caused to the customer or anyone on his behalf, in case the information reaches a hostile entity.

Payment and supply

Prices on site include VAT. Supply of products in Israel will be executed by Israel Postal Office (hereafter: “the Postal Authority”) via registered mail with a delivery certificate. Express door-to-door shipments are available for extra charge. Orders will be sent within 7 days after payment date. In exceptional cases of personal purchases, shipment time will be coordinated with the customer to his satisfaction.

In case of packages that do not arrive to their destinations due to an action and/or failure by the Postal Authority, the packages will be re-sent without further charge. Package delivery certificate will constitute as an evidence that the package arrived to its destination.

Browsing the site and/or purchasing products from it constitute as your consent to accept and operate according to the abovementioned. Therefore, in case you do not agree to any of these terms, you are requested as to not make any use of the site.